LEVEL 150 Today is ZOZO’s 16th Birthday, help he find the gift! – Brain Out – ANSWER. Do you want to test your IQ level? Then try to complete the fascinating Brain Out puzzle. Here we will need to go through level after level, using non-standard thinking, ingenuity and creativity. The puzzles may seem absurd, but don’t judge by first impression. Blow your brain going through this puzzle. The answer can be very obvious, and sometimes not so much. Train your brain with this puzzle. Invite friends or family to play together. Train your memory and logic by passing levels. If you can’t pass the level yourself, then you can use the tips on our website and do it with ease.

LEVEL 150 Today is ZOZO's 16th Birthday, help he find the gift! - Brain Out - ANSWER

Open the box. A leaf will come out from there. Thanks to it, you can calculate by dates what the answer will be. Answer: 20030816